Born in North Bay, Ontario, Canada



I was born and educated in Canada.  After running my own travelling showband for several years and designing lighting for dozens of plays in Toronto, I went back to school to earn degrees in Philosophy and Organization Studies.  Then I came to America to teach at Long Island University, Penn State, and finally the University of Minnesota from which I retired in 2016.



I am a life member of the American Humor Studies Association, member of the International Society for Humor Studies, and moderator of its Humour Research Forum.  I still speak and write about "the effective and responsible use of humor," especially for persuasion as in politics, teaching, and advertising.



I am a member of the Society of Philosophers in America, secretary of the Lake Superior Freethinkers, founder of the Iron Range Coalition of Reason, and a life member of Mensa.  I hope to encourage people to think things through, both carefully and charitably, before taking or advocating any position.


Jim Lyttle

After travelling back and forth across Canada in showbands, I worked at Electrohome Electronics for a few years.  Finally completing my education, I moved to America to work as a university professor.  Now I'm retired and living in Duluth MN.


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