Born in North Bay, Ontario, Canada



Born and raised in Canada, I earned a B.A. in Philosophy at Wilfrid Laurier University and an MBA at the University of Western Ontario.  I ran a travelling showband for several years before working on the Telidon videotex project at Electrohome Electronics.  Later, working as an Instructor at a DeVry campus whet my appetite for the academic life, so I returned to school to earn a doctorate in Organization Studies at York University while designing the lighting for dozens of Community Theatre productions at night.



I came to America as a university professor in 2001 and now serve as the Secretary of the Lake Superior Freethinkers.  I am a Life Member of Mensa, the Clan Little Society of North America, and the American Humor Studies Association, as well as a regular member of the International Society for Humor Studies and the Society of Philosophers in America.  I still speak and write about the effective and responsible use of humor.  Much more information is available here.


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