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Jim Lyttle is a diverse thinker.  As a student of philosophy, psychology, religions, and even humor, he is redefining the role of a management professor.  He had his own travelling showband for several years in Canada, and worked at Electrohome Electronics, Ltd., before returning to school to begin his university career.  He is extensively trained in the Harvard case method and uses humor, along with the occasional 'sermonette,' to goad his audiences into developing a more philosophical approach to their lives and work.  He has taught more than 6,000 adult learners since 1994, and has been teaching at American universities such as Penn State since 2001.

Dr. Lyttle is a Life Member of Mensa and a member of the American Philosophical Association with a degree in philosophy from Wilfrid Laurier University, special studies in the psychology of religion at the University of Toronto, and a doctorate in organization studies from York University.  He is the author of many conference papers, presentations, and journal articles on "the effective and responsible use of humor for persuasion."  This work has been cited in dissertations, conference proceedings, and academic journals as diverse as American Behavioral Scientist, Culture and Organization, Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, and Journal of Business Ethics.

Jim Lyttle is related through DNA analysis to the ancient Clan Little in the Borders region of Scotland.  His relatives travelled to Canada from Northern Ireland in 1911, having left Scotland in about 1603.  It happens that a distant ancestor (Clement Litill of Liberton) donated the 476 books that established the University of Edinburgh's library more than 430 years ago in 1580.  Dr. Lyttle is the Past Treasurer of the Clan Little Society, North America, Ltd. and currently coordinates the Iron Range Coalition of Reason, while serving on both the Citywide Advisory Board for Duluth, Minnesota's pre-school programs and the planning committee of the Lake Superior Freethinkers.


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