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Clan Little Society As Secretary/Treasurer of the Clan Little Society, I work with others who are related to or otherwise interested in the ancient Clan Little of the Borders Region in Scotland.

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Genealogy Research My family history goes back to County Down in Northern Ireland. Recent DNA analysis (Haplotype Y95564) points to ancestors in the Borders Region of Scotland around the year 1500.

Band Days Enjoy some old photographs from a time long ago, when I travelled from town to town with a showband singing, playing, and arranging the harmonies.

Lake Superior Freethinkers As Secretary of the Lake Superior Freethinkers, I work with others who do not accept revelation as a source of truth. We do not believe religious dogma and try to live our lives based on reason, instead.

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Menden Hill Here's the story of my home in Duluth, Minnesota. It is a four bedroom house built on a half acre lot in 1994 and sits on a cul-de-sac surrounded by a forest of mature trees.

Family I often stay at home with my family and work from a ThinkPad but still sometimes speak to community groups.


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